Structures & Appearance: Engineering & Architecture for Heritage Conservation | Summer School

Apr 17, 2024 | convegni e workshop, in evidenza

16-21 giugno 2024
Villa Favorita, Via Gabriele D’Annunzio 36, Ercolano, Naples
Deadline: 20 maggio 2024

The focus of the Summer School Structures & Appearance: Engineering & Architecture for Heritage Conservation is the cultural heritage, in its architectural and structural aspects, with insights into the landscape issues. Looking at the new educational needs in line with the complexity of the design processes and strategies concerning the heritage, the goal is to address the contemporary challenge of an increasingly close dialogue between the new engineering technologies and the critical interpretative issues of the conservation project.

The Summer School, has a cross-disciplinary approach, articulated in three thematic in-depth sessions considering the scientific and cultural reciprocity of the aspects: geotechnics | cultural landscape; strengthening | restoration; Heritage BIM | diagnostics, sustainability and planned conservation.

More information available on the Summer School webpage of the Department DiSt – UNINA (promoter of the initiative) providing all the details to finalise registration:

Locandina: Summer School_Locandina
Call for application: Summer School_Call

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MetroArchaeo2024 | Call for papers

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