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This page presents the situation regarding ongoing research projects on the subject of architectural restoration, from the census carried out by the “Research” working group on the “interests” or “lines of research” taken by universities and the approaches and projects via which they are developed. The census also aims to highlight the scientific disciplinary sectors to which the various topics are linked and any interdisciplinary research groups or groups that work transversally between different structures. The aim of the census is to make it easier to direct new lines of research and encourage connection between the individual studies within the same disciplinary area to contribute to reducing the dispersion of work, duplication and inconsistency.

Scientific research: state of the art

The picture that has emerged so far from gathering data on current research in architectural restoration in Italy, highlights an overview that ranges from studies of a theoretical-methodological nature, to others of a historical nature – which tackle the evolution of the discipline, as well as the transformation of the architectural and historical-constructive composition of the built heritage – to further research that deals with the more technical and operational aspects of the preservation project. The areas of research deal with the protection and preservation of heritage on several levels, from landscapes to old town centres, to single pieces of architecture and complex groups, while capturing their mutual connections.

A substantial amount of interdisciplinary research, also conducted via interaction with very different disciplinary scientific sectors, has also been highlighted, as well as an availability of international work, completed by establishing relations with other European and non-European sites, including via the formation of research groups to participate in international calls for research proposals.

The results of the census have been published below and are organised into summary documents divided by university.

Scientific research working group

The SIRA “Research” Working Group aims to promote awareness and discussion of issues that are crucial to the discipline, starting with the census and constant updating of ongoing research, which is useful in learning about the state of the art in the different locations and the areas of interest of the discipline. It also intends to offer an updated series of European and International calls for research proposals that involve knowledge and skills in the disciplinary field of protection and restoration.

During the first year, the work initiated by the Group on the current situation in research, focused on the census of ongoing research by asking university locations to provide an overview of their current activities. So in this initial phase the site lists the research in order of University, pending the possibility of cataloguing the types of research so that they can be searched by “keywords”.

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