Progetto di ricerca CHARTER | Report: “Who is not a stakeholder in cultural heritage?”

Dic 16, 2022 | news editoria, ricerca

Si segnala l’ultimo rapporto edito dal progetto di ricerca europeo CHARTER: Report: “Who is not a stakeholder in cultural heritage?
Deliverable D4.1 – Mapping dynamics of internal and external CH stakeholders.

Si allegano il documento di riferimento:


Progetto “CHARTER – European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance” (

Il progetto, finanziato dal programma Erasmus+, mira a creare una strategia globale e duratura per garantire che l’Europa disponga, in futuro, delle competenze settoriali e trasversali necessarie in materia di conoscenza, tutela, conservazione, restauro, gestione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale, nel più ampio senso possibile.

Il consorzio di ricerca riunisce 47 membri, di 14 Paesi europei, che rappresentano  in vario modo i sistemi di educazione, istruzione e formazione, gli enti pubblici, le organizzazioni professionali di settore, atttivi nel vasto campo del Cultural Heritage.

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Progetto CHARTER  |  Cultural Heritage Education DATABASE

Progetto CHARTER | Cultural Heritage Education DATABASE

We’re happy to share that we launched a new CHARTER Database today. The Database on Cultural Heritage Education Programmes in Europe is now available on our website.
Please help us spread the database by sharing it with your contacts and in your channels. 

Heritage cities and destruction | Call for abstracts

Heritage cities and destruction | Call for abstracts

Deadline: 11 aprile 2023

The second issue of the journal JADH is dedicated to the theme of “destruction”, its perceptions, as well as its implications that can be perceived in several fields of architectural heritage as positive and negative at the same time (destruction/construction, absence/loss, memory/oblivion, etc.). Destruction refers to the process and outcome of an event: every destruction, regardless of whether being voluntary or involuntary in nature, imposes a reflection on losses, things that have existed but ceased to exist, and forces us to make a value judgment about what we recognized as being part of our history and identity.