On line il nuovo numero della rivista ArcHistoR – ora inclusa in SCOPUS

Gen 16, 2019 | news editoria

Con piacere segnaliamo che è on line il nuovo numero della rivista ArcHistoR – (n.10) 2018

Qui è scaricabile il numero completo

Cogliamo l’occasione per comunicare con piacere che la rivista è stata accettata per l’inclusione in SCOPUS a seguito di valutazione del CSAB (Content Selection & Advisory Board), con le seguenti motivazioni:

“This journals impresses from the homepage and online access to the production schedule and editorial policy. Citations are high, underlining the importance of the journal in the research field. 

+ The journal consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international academic or professional audience in this field. 
+ The journal has scholarly relevance as evidenced by citations in other journals currently covered by Scopus. 
+ The abstracts are in keeping with Scopus English Language requirements. 
+ In general, the content of the articles is consistent with the scope and aims of the journal. 
+ The articles are generally well written and understandable. 
+ This title addresses a subject area not properly covered by an existing journal. 
+ The journal has clear aims and scope/journal policies that are consistent with the journal’s content. 
+ Peer review type is clearly stated and is supported by appropriate reviewer guidelines.”

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