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CHARTER Alliance releases new report about European education & training schemes

Access and read the report here: 

The European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER, Erasmus+ funded project, has released a new report: “Cultural heritage education & training in Europe – pathways to qualifications” by Working Package 3 (Vocational Education and Training [VET] and beyond).

Education and training (E&T) are at the heart of all Blueprint alliances, initiatives set up by the European Commission in order to solve skills shortages in certain employment sectors. Skills needs can only be addressed effectively by first identifying existing skills gaps and, secondly, by filling these very gaps through E&T opportunities which are fit- to-purpose and support the overall sectoral strategy.

In this line, the new CHARTER report addresses the European E&T schemes, describing and analysing its many layers. At the same time, this extensive research is aimed towards developing the methodology for data collection on E&T institutions and programmes in CH. The indicators selected and explained in the report will be the ones that the future E&T database will collect. This instrument will be essential to CHARTER’s research in order to identify skills shortages and gaps of the cultural heritage sector.

Access the Full report in the Results section of CHARTER’s website.

  • Learn more about CHARTER Alliance:

    CHARTER, the European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance, brings together and represents the whole range of the cultural heritage sector in Europe. The 47 project partners strive towards making apparent the value of cultural heritage and creating a resilient and responsive sector.

    CHARTER works towards creating a lasting, comprehensive strategy that will guarantee Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies.

    The Erasmus+ funded project maps the current and future needs of the sector to bridge the gap of skills shortages and mismatches between the educational and occupational fields.

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MONUMENTO E CITTÀ. Lo spazio del Restauro | Tavola rotonda conclusiva

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