International Conference on Cultural Heritage Protection (CHP) in Crisis Areas

Set 8, 2023 | convegni e workshop

28-29 settembre 2023
Caserma Chinotto, The Stability Policing hub, Via Medici 87, Vicenza

Con piacere segnaliamo la conferenza “International Conference on Cultural Heritage Protection (CHP) in Crisis Areas

Provide an overview of relevant legislation on CHP
Share lessons learned and best practices from different crisis areas
Illustrate CHP in the wider Stability Policing function
Introduce the Italian approach to CHP
Identify new strategies to address CHP in crisis areas

27 September: Ice Breaker (upon invitation)
28 September: Welcome addresses and Panels Discussions
29 September: Plenary session

Registration available on this link:

For further details:,CHP%20Command%20in%20hybrid%20modality.&text=Registration%20available%20on%20this%20link

Download the programme: CHP-Conference-Agenda


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MetroArchaeo2024 | Call for papers

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