The Italian Society for Architectural Restoration

Sira – Società Italiana per il Restauro dell’Architettura, or the Italian Society for Architectural Restoration – is a scientific society whose members are university professors and researchers working in the scientific disciplinary sector of Restoration (ICAR 19). Members of the society also include Italian and foreign scholars who are recognised as having an important role in the field of architectural restoration and the protection of cultural and landscape heritage.

The mission of Sira is to:

– encourage scientific and cultural exchange with scholars of other disciplines;

– safeguard and promote the pluralism of research;

– organise meetings, seminars, conventions, conferences, also at an international level;

– pursue any other initiative that may be useful in expanding the studies of preservation and restoration;

– establish a point of reference and provide information on the activity of individual scholars and groups working in the field of preservation and of restoration of architectural and landscape heritage;

– support the teaching of architectural restoration at all levels of Italian education to promote the social and educational aspect of the knowledge and protection of architectural heritage;

– spread and encourage awareness of the topics and issues regarding architectural restoration and, for that purpose, encourage use of the most appropriate scientific and publishing tools, including the use of mass media;

– be the representative amongst the specialist institutions of individual universities and all ministries, as far as the protection and restoration of cultural and landscape heritage is concerned, and, in particular, the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, as far as educational structures and research are concerned;

– promote relations with local, national and international bodies and institutions;

– develop awareness and protection of architectural heritage and the relevant tools and methods on many levels, as much locally as nationally, in Europe and internationally.

(art. 2 of the Statute)