Five Albanian Villages. Guidelines for a Sustainable Tourism Development through the Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage

Antonio Laurìa, Valbona Flora, Kamela Guza

Firenze University Press, Firenze


The assessment that we are products of the past is an invitation, rather than a rule.
Knowing yourself and the history that surrounds you is of great importance to the future, and not only for Albanians.
If you travel through Albania, you begin to understand that time has passed even more than the books that have been written about it. Albanian spiritual riches are often associated with the appearance of the old and the vintage, which could be a house, bridge or religious object. Considering the importance of the universal values they carry, some of them are monuments of cultural heritage and part of UNESCO.

Today, some Albanians have left their homeland and reside in different places around the world. For various reasons, they are looking for ways to be more present in their country of origin, or to retain fragments and pieces of their cultural heritage to present to future generations. In the process, national identity and coexistence with other nations are naturally harmonized.
As human evidence of this commitment, five impressive villages in Albania are highly appreciated by the people familiar with the distance from the country of origin.This makes their keen sense of appreciation as special as it is human. The five selected villages are as different from each other as the coordinates of a homeland you await to discover with each passing day. They are separated by great distances, but in the space between them, they carry culture, identity and history.

The project of five villages modestly ‘translates’ the invisible into an act evaluating the need for the contribution of the diaspora as a form of communication and assessment of the quality of life in Albania. It is harmonized to the human aspect where the Italian culture learned in migration serves to ‘illuminate’ the originality of Albanian cultural values.



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