Cultural Heritage after Covid. Interoperable Pompeii. A digital platform between conservation, environmental design and new fruition opportunities

Cultural Heritage after Covid. Interoperable Pompeii. A digital platform between conservation, environmental design and new fruition opportunities

The proposed project aims to rethink the use of an demonstration archaeological site of Pompeii in light of the need put in place by the health emergency, combining instances of a perception of the archaeological heritage in safety with those of a direct experience, rationalized and increased thanks to the use of new interoperable technologies.

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an open database

This section of the website allows visitors to explore research in the field architectural conservation, completed by or underway at Italian universities. The archive is structured in the form of an open ‘database’. Visitors can search the database using particular parameters, such as the field, typology or title of the research and names of participants.

The database provides access to a system of summary charts highlighting the themes and interdisciplinary relations between each research project, listing the members of each work group and the specific nature of the research activities.

In addition to defining the current situation of scientific activity in research linked to questions of restoration, the database also helps orient future research and fosters connections among scholars in Italy and aboard.

the state of the art

The general framework of research in the field of architectural conservation in Italy embraces themes ranging from theory-methodology to the history and evolution of this discipline. Research also extends into questions connected to the evolution of architectural and urban palimpsests, the materials-construction of heritage architecture, explorations of technical and operative aspects of conservation projects and job sites, as well as the protection of landscapes and the restoration of historical gardens and parks.

Fields of research explore themes of protecting and conserving cultural heritage at various scales, from single buildings to complex aggregates, from historic centres to landscapes, and their reciprocal connections. Furthermore, this variegated framework of interests highlights a significant interdisciplinarity in the field of research and the capability for restoration to initiate cultural exchanges with other European and extra-European bodies through the formation of international research teams.

permanent research committee

The Permanent Research Committee promotes dialogue and comparisons of research topics relevant to the field of restoration and other areas with which it maintains interdisciplinary relations.

The work to maintain an updated archive of current research is accompanied by an action of monitoring that selects and highlights proposal calls for European and international research projects requiring the know-how and skills typical of those operating in the field of restoration.