Cultural Heritage after Covid. Interoperable Pompeii. A digital platform between conservation, environmental design and new fruition opportunities


Stefano Della Torre (Politecnico di Milano), Renata Picone (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II), Costanza Miliani (CNR)

Head of Research Unit:

Renata Picone

Members of the Research Unit:

Mario R. Losasso, Luigi Veronese, Enza Tersigni, Eduardo Bassolino, Mariarosaria Villani



Main ERC sector:

SH – Social Sciences and Humanities

Scientific disciplinary sectors involved:

Icar/19 Restauro, Icar/12 Tecnologia dell’architettura, Icar/14 Composizione architettonica e urbana, Icar/17 Disegno


The proposed project aims to rethink the use of an demonstration archaeological site of Pompeii in light of the need put in place by the health emergency, combining instances of a perception of the archaeological heritage in safety with those of a direct experience, rationalized and increased thanks to the use of new interoperable technologies. To this end, the project aims to build a web-based “enabling digital platform” for the knowledge, restoration, environmental requalification, management and safety of the archaeological site, which allows a transition from a segmented approach to one of horizontal type defining a digital ecosystem of cultural heritage that reconnects all the actors involved in the process, enabling the exchange of information, also with the public, through digital information modeling technologies.


Built heritage, Conservation, Environmental design, Fruition, Archaeology

Institutional research:

FISR 2020

Institutional partners:

Parco archeologico di Pompei (MiBAC)

Companies involved:

ACCA software S.p.A., Stress

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