En-Route International Seminar “Recovering River Landscape” University of Naples Federico II, 28-30 September 2015

Mag 12, 2015 | convegni e workshop

CALL FOR PAPERS (deadline 20th May 2015)

The Seminar aims to investigate the issue of the re-appropriation and the recovery of river landscapes, often compromised and degraded as a result of human or natural changes, starting from the case of the Campania region, which sets out as a laboratory where it is possible to test the combination of appropriate methods and technics to actively plan river landscapes.
In this framework, adopting a landscape restoration approach might suggest useful hints to return landscapes to their natural conditions, counting on resilience, if specific conditions of sites make it possible. At the same time, the conference highlights the importance of enhancing local communities’ resources in order to reinterpret and redefine landscapes.
Scientific coordinators: Francesco Domenico MOCCIA and Elvira PETRONCELLI

a. Conservation and transformations of dynamic landscapes
b. Resilient spaces of river fruition
c. Geographical approaches and visual and interactive strategies for river landscapes
d. Water and land in the landscape project

a. Conservation and transformations of dynamic landscapes
Coordinators: Bianca Gioia MARINO and Rossana VALENTI

Site: http://www.uniscape.eu/pageNews.php?idCont=1572&lang=en&tit=En-Route%20International%20Seminar%20%22Recovering%20River%20Landscape%22

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MetroArchaeo2024 | Call for papers

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