EAAE Conservation / Sustainable Design – recording available

Dic 1, 2021 | convegni e workshop

The recording of the EAAE Conservation / Sustainable Design – virtual workshop held in Porto on 29th November 2021 is now available: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/rec/share/2hldSXXuak3DEXNDAqG78UzXtZpiwmyqb3WpimekWaWBN_wro9Rem23Rsp6WOXWH.UmZisLNLTIAITp3M

Access Password: yS4tvzU&

The virtual event is intended to prepare the ground for an in-person EAAE workshop in Porto in 2022 on the theme Conservation / Design.

Professor Stefano Francesco Musso
Professor Loughlin Kealy

More informations
EAAE website: https://www.eaae.be/event/sustainable-design-workshop/
Program: EAAE_SDG_29November21
Poster: EAAE_WS_Porto

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