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concorsi e premi


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Rossana Gabaglio, Rita Vecchiattini

Statement from EAAE for Ukraine

The Council of the European Association for Architectural Education is shocked and dismayed by the blatant violation of the sovereignity of Ukraine by Russia and the resulting threat against the freedom, safety and health of the citizens of Ukraine and its academic community. The Russian attack is in obvious disregard of major international treaties and agreements and an immediate threat to all efforts for global peace.

Risoluzione SIRA sulla Riforma dei Saperi

Con grande piacere pubblichiamo il testo della risoluzione dedicata alla Riforma dei Saperi, esito del contributo e del confronto dei Soci in occasione dell’Assemblea Ordinaria Annuale tenutasi lo scorso venerdì 11 febbraio 2022 a Firenze.