Composites Materials for Cultural Heritage: Principles and Practices of Restoration – call for abstract deadline 20.06.2021

Giu 18, 2021 | convegni e workshop

Eva Coisson (University of Parma, Italy)
Lia Ferrari 
(University of Parma, Italy)
Paolo Faccio (Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy)
Maria Rosa Valluzzi (University of Padua, Italy)

Cultural Heritage always requires a careful approach for its restoration, also from a structural point of view. Indeed, strengthening historical structures implies a reflection about both technical and cultural issues involved in the conservation process. This attitude also concerns composite materials, whose application in the field of architectural restoration has rapidly increased, supplying structural restorers with an effective additional tool, both for first aid and long-term strengthening interventions on ancient buildings. But the starting point of any intervention on historic structures should always be the recognition of the structural resources of the building and the identification of its possible vulnerabilities, rather than the choice of a specific technology. Undeniably, new technologies and materials are constantly improving their performances and increasing the opportunities for effective interventions, but a scientific debate about the artistic, historical, and, more generally, cultural implications of choosing such reinforcement techniques is fundamental for the aware and critic application to cultural heritage, also considering and analyzing the effectiveness of the applications observed in the last decades.
The mini-symposium intends therefore to discuss principles and practices of strengthening cultural heritage with composites materials. To this aim, scholars, researchers, and stakeholders are invited to sharing their knowledge and experience, reflecting on a possible suitable approach that, starting from the comprehension of the building behavior, inspects the possible technological solutions and aims at finding the best equilibrium among the operative and theoretical issues for the specific case.

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