CHARTER community is officially launched and open!

Dic 9, 2021 | bandi di ricerca

We’re happy to announce CHARTER Community is officially launched and open.

Join the CHARTER Community
The CHARTER Alliance will be officially launched in 2024. Before we get to that final stage, we have developed the CHARTER Community to start joining forces with different actors in the cultural heritage sector.

Today your organisation has the opportunity to be part of creating the strong, sustainable and lasting alliance for cultural heritage skills that we envision for CHARTER. We want to team up with inspiring organisations, associations and networks committed to professionalising the sector and ensuring that future generations of professionals have a prosperous and sustainable field of work.

Join the CHARTER Community to support one of the flagship projects on cultural heritage funded by Erasmus+. During the next three years, we are hoping that the CHARTER Community will assist us with information/feedback, participation  in surveys, etc.

Your support, dissemination and visibility make us stronger and more united as a sector to overcome challenges and ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the cultural heritage field.

More informations:

Poster: CHARTER-Community

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Il bisbiglio dei ricordi indefiniti. Progetto paesaggistico e conservazione attiva dei luoghi archeologici

«La natura, riprendendo a sé i materiali sottratti dall’uomo, opera armonicamente, così da lasciare ai ruderi una possibilità di ricostruzione ideale. Da ciò il fascino e la bellezza delle ruine. Il restauratore che ne limita la forma […] impone al monumento e all’osservatore una sua opinione personale tanto più sgradevole quanto più la natura aveva aggiunto alle ruine il bisbiglio dei ricordi indefiniti che essa sola conosce»

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Charter Alliance Meetup: open events

Charter Alliance Meetup: open events

We are happy to announce and extend invitations to two very relevant and promising events coming our way:
1. CHARTER’s first open event: “How can we describe working in the cultural heritage sector?”
Thursday, 10 March –  11:00-12:00 (CET)
2. ENCATC’s next MEMBERS TALK: E-Learning Platform for Cultural Heritage Management
Friday, 25 February –  14:30-15:30 (CET)