AIPnD ART’23 | 14th International Conference on non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage

Ott 25, 2023 | convegni e workshop

28-30 novembre 2023
Brescia (Italy)

Non-destructive Analysis has turned out to be crucial methods to achieve more successful and long-lasting preservation of works of art and environmental heritage.
With the aim to promote education and competence in this field, the “art” logo was created almost forty years ago and it still represents, in national and international sphere, one of the most successful initiatives in this area. The desired synergy among experts will lead to continuous development of new scientific methods in the fields of preservation, reconstruction and diagnostics of cultural and environmental artworks.
The last edition of the “art conference” was held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in November 2021 and despite the pandemic period it promoted cooperation among different specialists coming from all over the world and strengthened the relationship especially between Italian and Latin-American world of NDT.
The “art’23 Conference” will strive to achieve the funding goals by bringing together delegates, conservation scientists and curators, art historians, analytical scientists and architectural researchers. These experts will meet in Brescia: placed in the North of Italy, AIPnD hometown has been nominated “2023 Italian Capital of Culture” together with Bergamo.
The technical and scientific program will include both invited and short presentations and poster sessions that will highlight the application of NDT in many important sectors related to cultural heritage.

Non-destructive Testing in Cultural Heritage
Microanalysis and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Monitoring of Cultural Heritage
Environmental Control and Protection

In detail:
• Techniques to measure and evaluate environmental damages and degradation processes (on stone, leather, parchment, painting, wood, ivory, bone, metal, glass); measurement of the extent of damage caused by corrosion, atmospheric pollution, biodegradation;
• Development of analytical techniques for the study of the composition on decay of museum objects (ion beam analysis; irradiation and diffraction techniques; radiography and tomography; fluorescence spectroscopy);
• Measuring the effectiveness of newly developed protection, preservation and conservation procedures (slowing deterioration and damage; innovative coating; proper storage conditions and controlled environment; temperature, humidity, lighting, gas composition);
• Techniques to identify materials, provenience of raw material and production details of object (origin and supplies; studies of ancient production techniques; identifying trade routes);
• Authenticity and authentication of art and archaeological objects (questions of origin, identification fakes and forgeries);
• Prevention of effects of natural and non-natural disasters for Cultural Heritage artefacts (earthquakes; windstorms and floods; blasts);
• Mechanical Characterization of Historical Building Material;
• Inspection methods, Structural health monitoring of Cultural Heritage;
• The role of NDT faced with the tasks of Resilience, Durability and Sustainability;
• Interdisciplinary projects and case studies;
• Certification on NDT in Cultural Heritage Field.

More info:

Download the programme: AIPnD-ART23-Brescia-detailed-programme-update-13.10.2023

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